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The Origin
Nicolò Golia Bedendo  

1932 - How It All Began
Oscar Favretto transformed his activity of bespoke shoes in Preganziol (Treviso, Italy) in a collection of loafers sold with his mother’s  name “Corona” (Crown) for 8 years until the Second World War when he was forced to stop its production.

2005 - The New Launch
During the summer of 2003 Nicolò found a picture of his grandfather, Oscar Favretto, produced shoes and had the idea to renew and revive the line of loafers with the name LeCrown. Nicolò Bedendo and Mikael Fortuna set the premise for a project that was realized in 2010 with the creation of the collection rebirth.

2012 - Expansion
After the positive response by Italian customers, LeCrown expanded easily across Europe, Russia, Japan and Australia. In 2012 the first flagship store was opened in Moscow.

2014 - USA
LeCrown Spring/Summer collection was welcomed in the United States in the most prestigious showcases and was launched in the most important trade shows in New York and Las Vegas.


The brand has established its new company in Hong Kong and founded LeCrown Ltd. The new international business strategy launches LeCrown as a GLOBAL BRAND!